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Local Government Guide to creating operational efficiencies and improving CX

With a customer-first focus, various communication channels can be used for more positive citizen interactions – and improved efficiencies. Adding value to these interactions with technology platforms allows citizens to select how and when they want to communicate. Citizen experiences and interactions improve because they feel more comfortable with communication options that align with personal preferences.

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Why Q-Flow?

Q-Flow is the core platform that powers our suite of next-generation customer experience and queue management solutions. This comprehensive software empowers businesses to seamlessly manage and optimize omnichannel customer journeys and streamline back-office processes


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Improve Customer Loyalty
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Allow Customers To Queue Anywhere
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Real-time video calls with Assistant Anywhere

Assistant Anywhere delivers a more personalized digital experience to your customers. It empowers your employees to deliver better service, improve customer engagement, shorten the sales process, and lower costs. It’s also incredibly easy to deploy. See how Assistant Anywhere brings the customer right to you.


Finger Lakes Health Customer Quote

Prior to implementing Q-Flow, we had another queuing system designed to manage the flow of the lobby, but not designed to allow for appointments. The pandemic shifted our needs considerably and we found ourselves continually trying to put a band-aid on a product that simply wasn’t built for the needs that had surfaced.

Jessica Liard | Director of Operations
Bay County Tax Collector, Florida

The advanced queue management system provided by ACF allows us to effectively manage our customers to provide the customer service excellence we are committed to delivering. In addition to this, the system provides comprehensive reporting abilities to allow us to analyze our performance, identify peak contact times, and efficiently plan staff resources to meet both our service commitments and business demands.

Nina Martin | City Helpdesk Manager
Portsmouth City Council